[45] Dewhurst later conceded that the bill was dead

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Twitter Thursday to set the record straight regarding the latest round of rumors plaguing her. “Omg. No I’m not pregnant.

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goyard replica belts Early in the 83rd Session, senators drew for terms in a post redistricting, once a decade process. Van de Putte and others as well as raucous cheering and yelling from the political activists gathered in the Capitol carried on through midnight and the close of the special session.[45] Following the deadline, Republicans indicated that a vote had taken place and passed, while Democrats declared that the vote had taken place after midnight, making it void.[45] Dewhurst later conceded that the bill was dead.[46][47] The next day, Governor Rick Perry called for a second special session to allow for another attempt to pass the abortion restrictions, as well as to address other issues.[48][49] The bill was eventually passed by both the House and the Senate in the July 2013 second special session,[50][51][52] prompting one commentator to state that “Wendy Davis won the battle, but Rick Perry won the war.”[53] The bill was signed by Gov. Rick Perry on July 18, 2013.[54]. goyard replica belts

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