all the lights are changed

February 5th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

Once all the lights are changed, Bernard said the city estimates it will save taxpayers 30 per cent on its light bill.”This is a project that we’re looking at completing in five years (although) we’re still negotiating with Maritime Electric on that.”On streets with higher volumes of traffic, such as University Avenue and Queen Street, the city will be going with 72 watt LEDs which give off the light equivalent of a 150 watt standard bulb.High volume intersections have traditionally carried 150 watt bulbs. They’ll be switching to a 100 watt LED, which gives off light similar to a 250 watt standard bulb.Residential streets will go from standard 70 watt bulbs to 50 watt LEDs, providing light that a normal 100 watt bulb would provide.When The Guardian tweeted about the new LED lights during the council meeting on Monday, some tweeters responded that LEDs don’t create enough heat in winter to melt the snow that sticks to them.Bernard acknowledged snow and ice might stick to some lights longer than before.”With the street lights it won’t be a problem. They’re pointing down.

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