Adult Class Hours:

Monday 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Wenesday Afternoon 12pm-3pm (Double Class)



Wednesday Evening 7:15pm-8:45pm

About Our Classes

Everyone learns and works at a different pace. Our classes are tailored to the individual. We have fairly small groups – maximum of 12 students per instructor so we can work more one on one with you. Sometimes students want to zoom in and learn specific techniques and not bother with things they already know or do not pertain. So at Lynrich Arts we get to the point of your specific needs with a demo do type of instruction.

Painting Classes – Daytime / Evening classes

All mediums from oil to acrylics to watercolor to mixed media are done at the same time depending on what medium your piece will work better in or which medium you want to learn all about.

Drawing Classes – Daytime / Evening classes

From basics to figure to portrait to perspective. Sketching, charcoal, watercolor, pencils and technique can be taught to work through your pieces. Is drawing a necessary skill to be a painter? Not necessarily. You can paint without knowing how to draw (tricks of the trade)!

Oil Painting

This class is an odour free class – no toxic chemicals (we are into health here), no varsol, paint thinners or toxic smells in our studio. We use odourless cleaners and can use water based oils. Oil is used often for portrait and landscape and can be used to enhance abstract acrylics. There are key ways to get results with oil products. You are guaranteed to learn a lot about this particular medium in our classes.

Watercolor Painting

As an artist / teacher, here is what I think about watercolors. If you are a beginner painter – you have chosen the hardest medium to work with, so if you lack patience and want immediate results, forget about this medium for a while (try our watercolor on canvas class).

On the other hand, if you want to spend a few years perfecting a beautiful art that has very little mess, then go for it! But be prepared for some frustration and the odd disappointment (just telling it like it is).

Watercolor on Canvas

This class is for beginners who are adamant that they want to learn watercolors. It is the same as watercolors but your surface of canvas allows for corrections and reworking that watercolor paper does not allow. It is more forgiving, thus more encouraging. I would recommend it as a step prior to working watercolor on paper. Color mixing and theory is essential to good watercolor work.

Abstract Acrylic and Mixed Media

This is a fun, free and exciting class. It is an exploration of color and techniques in acrylics using medium such as gels, inks, chalks, pastels, fabric and papers, pour bottles and old credit cards, glazing techniques, blocking and taping. Composition is key and we cover it all. Part of this class will focus on composition – where to place things, what works and what doesn’t.