Children and Teen Class Hours:
Sunday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Multi – Mixed Media - Ages 7 – 20 years old

This has been our most popular kids class over the last 20 years because it just covers it all. Many of our students stay for years and eventually go to University for design, art, architecture etc.

Beginner to intermediate to advanced, the students progress through all stages of drawing and painting, from realism to abstract to cartoon.

We find their desire and nurture it. We find their ability with products and teach them everything they need to know on how to use them. We keep a non-toxic studio yet have all uses of the most professional materials available. You never know when a masterpiece will be created, so it better be on acid free paper!

The students work in watercolors, acrylics, oils, pen and ink, pastels and clay on different surfaces from illustration board to canvas to masonite to w/c paper. (we turn all our cartoonists into so much more!)


This class works on building characters with expression. We do animation cels, comic strips, and comic book covers. Marker and ink media as well as watercolors and cel paints are used.