Jawahir has a diverse background that includes a Masters

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replica Purse Dylan Jawahir is an American entrepreneur and inventor who has run multiple businesses in the alternative health industry. Jawahir has a diverse background that includes a Masters degree in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as dual Bachelor degrees in Computer Electrical Engineering. He has a vast knowledge of pain management using natural methods and he specializes in injury and trauma rehabilitation of acute and chronic pain at his acupuncture clinic, August Point Wellness. Dylan has published articles on acupuncture and massage therapy both on the web and in print. He also acted on the Board of Directors for the California State Oriental Medicine Association and was a co editor of Massage Therapy at All Things Healing. His philosophy is that a balanced mind and body are necessary for optimal health. Mr. Jawahir currently operates August Point Wellness, an acupuncture and massage clinic which oversees two brands, Sciaticare and Battle Balm replica Purse.

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