Building – Through Art and Clay

(View the flyer!)

Minimum 6, maximum 20 participants in a group

Lunch Available:

  ~ Party sandwiches ~
~  Veggie trays ~
~ Fruit trays ~
~ Sushi ~

Motivational DNA Profiling (optional)

Each person will fill out a diagnostic of 21 Statements that will determine their motivational type.

Are you a:

Internal or External?

When we profile you we will show your office mates how to motivate and communicate with you.

Once each learns how to work alongside of each DNA Profile, office will become a happier more productive place to work.

Each person will receive a print-out of their profile and an additional print-out of their co-workers’ profiles and how to communicate, work their strengths, see the pitfalls, recover from conflict and motivate one another.

You will receive a button to wear at work with 3 letters that describe your profile so workers connecting with you will know how to motivate you.

Allow 2 weeks for Profile Analysis and Buttons – then the work is up to you.

So just come for an afternoon of Art and Fun!