The CSA’s review of more than 600 issuers also found that 14

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canada goose sale (Canadian Press)”Otherwise, we will not have solutions that are reflective of our actual population,” she said in an interview. “We have a long way to go in tech, in terms of advancing women to the leadership table.”The study comes less than a month after the Canadian Securities Administrators released its latest review of female representation, which showed that at least 62 per cent of companies had at least one woman in an executive officer position.The CSA’s review of more than 600 issuers also found that 14 per cent of total board seats were held by women.That’s compared to eight per cent of board seats at Canadian technology companies, according to the report released Wednesday, which Kovitz says is the first and most comprehensive study of its kind.Canadian tech says it values diversity: so what are they doing about it?It also comes after some Silicon Valley tech giants faced accusations of sexism and discrimination, some of which have led to legal action.Last week, three female software engineers sued ride sharing company Uber for allegedly discriminating against women and people of colour.

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