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It’s 1943, during WWII. As part of a set of experiments to study new oxygen equipment, Lovelace bails out of a B 17 bomber at over 40,000 feet. He is knocked unconscious when the parachute opens, and gets frostbite on one of his hands after his glove is torn away. So he just floats, unconscious, down to the ground, and for this experiment, he is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Lovelace watched wave after wave of pilots jump out of a plane at 35,000 feet and lose consciousness, and instead of immediately concluding “We should develop oxygen masks,” he said, “Bullshit, those World War II era fighter pilots are a bunch of pussies. This job calls for a motherfucking scientist.” It was only after he jumped out of a plane himself that he accepted the previous pilots’ lack of consciousness. Still not sure if that makes him the best or worst scientist in the world, but the bottom line is that we’re terrified of him.

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