The Hogarth Initiative on the future of the International

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cheap canada goose outlet Whatever the outcome, the case at The Hague is sure to have huge implications for global whaling policy, as well as providing a reflection on both the whaling debate as a whole, and the questionable efficacy of the IWC.. Marine Policy 31, 314 319 (2007)Clapham, P. E mail communication with K. Whittington July 19, 2013Iliff, M. Compromise in the IWC: Is it possible or desirable? Marine Policy 32 997 1003 (2008)Iliff, M. Contemporary initiatives on the future of the International Whaling Commission. Marine Policy 34 461 467 (2010)Iliff, M. The Hogarth Initiative on the future of the International Whaling Commission. Marine Policy 34 360 366 (2010)International Court of Justice Verbatim record: Public sitting Whaling in the Antarctic (Australia v. Japan: New Zealand intervening) July 16, 2013International Whaling Commission International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (1946)International Whaling Commission. The Future of the International Whaling Commission: An Australian Proposal (2010)Whittington, K. The Japanese Whaling Controversy a Collision of Science, Commerce, and Culture cheap canada goose outlet.

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