They can sometimes be so bad that some people start to shake

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Holland is home to the Netherlands’ biggest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, as well as Gouda, Leiden and Haarlem. Connected by the vast network of waterways, cruising provides an excellent method by which to visit one or several of these places all while avoiding the constant packing, repacking and long, uncomfortable drives one must usually deal with when planning a multi destination itinerary.

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canada goose “October is hard for breast cancer survivors as it is breast cancer awareness month,” Alter said. “I have a problem with ‘awareness’ of this issue being sexual in nature. Memes like ‘save the boobies’ or ‘no bra day’ can be offensive and demeaning to survivors, many of whom have lost their breasts during cancer treatment. We aren’t trying to save breasts. We are trying to save our lives.” canada goose.

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