When he was in 3rd grade he became very ill with dark circles

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Canada Goose sale I would like to pass on to you a story of when my middle son, now 39, went through. When he was in 3rd grade he became very ill with dark circles under his eyes, bent over stomach cramps daily, very bad headaches and fatigue with lack of concentration. All he could tell us was, Mama I don feel good. This Dr. was very much into aternative mediicine and also practiced traditional medicine. He never forced alternative medicine on any of his patients. He was trying to figure out what was wrong with our son and asked us if he could do a hair analysis. He cut a gram of hair from the nape of his neck and ran a vitamin/mineral content. Please understand that I had rid my kitchen of anything and we were eating healthy, or so I thought. We did not use sugar either, however the test showed that my son was consuming at least 14 teaspoonfuls of sugar a day and 15,000 mgs of sodium daily. He was picking this up in canned goods and fast food that yours truly was allowing. His diagnosis was HYPOGLYCEMIA. I was a nurse for heaven sake and I just did not recognize what I was doing. I did not buy candy. I always supplied the children with healthful snacks or so I thought. In all of my good intentions I was making my son ill. I learned to take the time to read labels better and make more of an effort to train him in what should and should not go in his mouth. To this day he works out and is fit and trim. He watches his diet and has done well with no relapses or symptoms of hypoglycemia Canada Goose sale.

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