While scientists have learned a good deal about melanin

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Canada Goose Outlet Melanin is not the only pigment that colors today’s animals (although it is the only pigment in mammals). Many birds have additional pigments in their feathers. Amphibians, fish, reptiles, crustaceans and cephalopods have chromatophores that have more pigments. While scientists have learned a good deal about melanin, we know much less about these other pigments and their influences on the colors of now extinct animals. For one thing, melanin is preserved much more reliably than these other pigments are. Also, some of these pigments can be found in the decaying algae and leaves that these animals died in, so even when we do find some of these other pigments in a fossil, we cannot be sure if they were part of the animal or part of that animal’s environment. Where we are limited in our color interpretations using chemical and biological techniques, we can use our knowledge of animal behavior to help fill in the gaps. Canada Goose Outlet

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